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Product: Social Video Bookmarker

Producer: Aravindh Sridhar (No Idea how to say it either:D)

Price: $37 with 2 upsells

Verdict: 90%

What is Video Bookmarker?

Video BookMarker was created by Peter Beattie and Yogesh Agarwal. Video Bookmarker is going to help its customers rank their videos. It essentially creates tons of backlinks to your video so that you can lock down the #1 spot on YouTube.

Video BookMarker Review

Video Bookmarker Review

Peter Beattie is the king of video. Video BookMarker is a great idea, with everyone wanting to get into video, they finally came out with an easy way to do it.

Any of you who have ranked videos before knows that on page SEO isn’t enough and if your market is competative at all you have to use backlinks to rank. Unfortunately backlinks take a lot of time to create.

That is where Video Bookmarker comes in, using Video BookMarker makes it fast and easy to create backlinks and it is cheaper than paying VA to do it.

The interface is really cool, and more importantly its fairly easy to use. Video Bookmarker is a really great way to get you the tons and tons of backlinks you need to rank your videos.

Video BookMarkerYogesh Agarwal has been designing and selling software for more than 10 years, and he has gotten amazing feedback from his customers, and he is still getting that amazing feedback. You can count on him delivering a quality product that is going to get results.

If you spend time ranking videos, this is probably something that you don’t want to miss. You can finally get the traffic and conversions you need to start reeling in the green.

Video BookMarker Review

Video Bookmarker Video Review

For those of you who would rather see it than read about it, I made this video.

Video Bookmarker Bonus

Bonus 1: Digital Graphics

Video BookMarker Review

We are offering  you hundreds of graphics that will give your website that professional look that you need to boost conversions.

Bonus 2: Money Venture Capitolism

Video BookMarker Bonus

Want to know the best ways to scale your business so that it grows with you. We are giving that away to you when you buy Video Bookmarker!

Bonus 3: Video Marketing Hacks

Video BookMaker Bonus

We are going to show you the best way to utilize your videos, and use them to drive traffic for all your sites.

If you are ready to get these amazing bonuses click here.



If you ever need to rank videos than I highly recommend this software. It will rank your videos in a crazy fast way using tons of backlinks. The backlinks are created in a way that makes so they are going to index as fast as possible. Its a great product and delivers exactly what it offers.

With a money back guarantee, you are taking no risk on yourself. Give this a software a try and if you’re not happy with it just return it. No questions asked.

The best part about the guarantee is that it shows the confidence the creators have in their product. They are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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