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The Evil Traffic Magician Review

Product: The Evil Traffic Magician


Launch Date: October 27th 11 AM (Eastern)

Price:  $99.95 (With Two great upsells)

Verdict: 100% Recommend

What is The Evil Traffic Magician?

The Evil Traffic Magician is a new traffic training program by Ben Adkins.  Ben got together with the biggest minds in the industry and created the most extensive training on getting traffic on the market.

Ben talked to his friends who are at the top of the game, and he asked them “how do you do what you do?” And they told him! He put their answers into an online training course and now he is making it available to you as “The Evil Traffic Magician.”

The Evil Traffic Magician Review

Evil Traffic Magician Review

I have to start review by saying that I cannot stand poorly made information products that are packaged in an unorganized way and provide useless information.

The Evil Traffic Magician is incredible.

The member’s area is extremely well organized and it is as user-friendly as a membership site can be.  The site doesn’t distract from the spectacular content being offered.

The course has 6 modules that cover everything you’d ever need to know to start dominating online using traffic from a huge number of sources.  If you’ve been in Online Marketing for any amount of time you know that you HAVE to have traffic.  So you understand how important it is to get traffic, and how hard it can be to get affordable, highly-converting traffic.  This program will show you exactly who to target, how to target them, and what platform to target them from.

If you are looking to skyrocket the traffic to your site then this is something that you don’t want to miss. Ben and his crew show you (step by step) how to use tons of different traffic generating methods that are going to help you meet your traffic goals. They teach tens of incredible methods so you have the freedom to pick and choose which ones work for your situation.

Evil Traffic Magician Review

Ben is a traffic wizard, needless to say.  But what really makes his content incredible is that he’s gathered the tactics of the “best of the best” in the traffic generating industry and he’s sharing every bit of it with you.

The Evil Traffic Magician was created to teach you how to get traffic to your site and that is exactly what it does, and it does it insanely well.  You need traffic, and no matter your experience level, this will show you how to take your traffic generation to the next level.

What’s in the Training?

The Evil Traffic Magician Review

The 6 modules in the Evil Traffic Magician

The training includes 5 main modules, and then a bonus module that details the tactics used by some of the top performers in the industry.

Section 1: How to build an online empire

Does what it says, it lays the foundation for building an online empire!

Section 2: Evil Audience Research

Find exactly what to do to find the exact audience you should be targeting.

  • The Core Creation Formula
  • The Audience Insight Trick
  • The SimilarWeb Trick
  • The BuzzSumo Trick

Section 3: The Evil Copy Magician

This module will walk you through writing the copy for your offers and advertisements, this includes some amazing gems for beginners and expert copywriters alike.

  • Getting to Know Your Target Audience
  • Establishing Yourself as an Authority
  • Developing a Killer Sales Angle
  • Hooking Your Audience
  • Reeling Them In For The Sale
  • Polishing it Off With an Eye Grabbing Headline
  • The Why Behind The Special Template
  • How to Write The Copy For Your Upsell
  • The Secret Guide To Writing Amazing Headlines

Section 4: Evil Free Traffic Tricks

This module goes over some of the many methods to drive free, targeted traffic to your sites.  The tricks in this module are:

  • The Affiliate Grabber Trick
  • FB Comment Rider Trick
  • WordPress Alarm Trick
  • The John Forum Hancock Trick
  • The One Hour Social Trick
  • The 5 Part Email Trick
  • The Trust Trojan Horse Trick

Section 5: Evil Paid Traffic Tricks

This section is the opposite of section 4.  Module 4 shows you exactly how to get free traffic, while the 5th shows you the best ways to get paid traffic.

  • The Faux Friend Ad Trick
  • The 5 Dollar Alien Trick
  • The Celebrity Endorsement Trick
  • The FB Ad Robot Trick
  • Banner or Bust Trick
  • The Ad Spy and Copy Trick

Bonus Section: Celebrity Magician Tricks

Here is where we get to see the tactics used by the best of the best in the industry.  Some of the tricks we learn are:

  • The Viral Traffic Shakeup Trick
  • The Google Images Traffic Trick
  • The FB Funnel Power Trick
  • The E-com AdTarget Lock-In Trick
  • The Instagram Traffic Trick
  • The FB Ad 21 Trick
  • The Twitter Bomb Trick


The Evil Traffic Magician Video Review

For those of you who would rather watch than read I made this video. :-)

The Evil Traffic Magician Bonuses!

I’ve put together some pretty insane bonuses for this offer.  Click here to check them out!


100% Recommend.

A very well done product. It provides valuable, actionable information that you can use to boost your traffic within HOURS.

The Evil Traffic Magician Guarantee

With a 30 day money back guarantee, the risk is all on them. Its defintely worth giving a shot.

If you are ready to get this awesome product with our amazing bonuses click here!

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